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About the Apocalypse Series

About the Apocalypse Chronicles

The world as we know it will end. Governments will disband. State and local resources will collapse. Entire cities will succumb to a virus that leaves people with a craving for human flesh. The world's only hope are two teenagers, each with their own unique abilities, imperfections and secrets. The pandemic in which they find themselves becomes the catalyst for discovering who they are, what each is capable of, and how love can heal more than the wounds that made them who they are. 

Meet the Characters
Inspiration Behind the Story

Meet the Characters

Partial picture of Kennedy's face

Kennedy Shaw

Kennedy has lived a double-life for as long as she can remember. Her friends know her as their popular, charismatic Homecoming Queen, but her true self is far more unpolished. In her father's attempt to keep her safe, she has been trained in military tactics. It will be these lessons that help her survive in this volatile new world. But what Kennedy slowly begins to learn is that there is more to life than survival...and that a quiet, intriguing student named Harrison Hutchinson may feel the very same way.

Partial picture of Harrison's face

Harrison Hutchinson

Harrison is an earthy, tough transfer student from Texas. He is practical in times of danger, seemingly unaffected by it or its consequences, which makes him naturally prone to lead the survivors, despite his abhorrence in doing it. Leading means interacting with others and Harrison has made it his lifelong objective to keep others at a distance. If others get too close, they might learn his secret, or worse...endanger themselves. And the last thing Harrison wants is to hurt anyone, especially Kennedy Shaw, because she is the girl who has captured his heart.

The Inspiration Behind the Story

The concept for the Apocalypse Chronicles began years ago when Laury worked from home. At the time, she lived on a quiet street in the suburbs, where not a single soul would appear for long stretches of time, not until her neighbors left work and returned home. The only sounds during the day were the birds, the wind through the trees, and an occasional dog bark. She described it bluntly as "eerie...and strangely peaceful". This experience set the tone for the vacant streets in the first book, Haven. From there, the story worked its way out of the deep recesses of her mind until she found the time to sit down at her computer and put to words what had been hovering in wait for so long.  While the concept was working its way to freedom, she began taking firearms classes, reading up on survival tips, and asking professionals in the medical field questions, and a good portion of what she learned ended up in Haven. The weapons descriptions are accurate; the timeline for the utilities going out is likely; and the cause of the outbreak (while it is an anomaly) is possible.

The Books

The Books

Front cover of Haven
Front cover of Resurrection
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