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About the Guardian Saga

A covert war has raged for centuries. The darkest of souls have descended to earth and remained hidden as they take from humanity whatever they wish, whenever they wish. Only one person can end their reign of terror forever...Unassuming and audacious Magdalene Tanner, a high school senior who has been deposited in New Orleans for a year at a private high school.


Magdalene's life, her very existence is in great danger. Therefore - against her wishes - she has been assigned a guardian - trained in the craft of war and unrelentingly dedicated to his duty. Together, they will lead the charge against the most frightening and powerful forces ever to walk the earth. 

About the Guardian Saga
Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters

Magdalene "Maggie" Tanner

Maggie has moved from city to city every three months since she was an infant until landing in New Orleans to finish high school at a private academy. She has no idea her enemies have hunted her for years, that she is married to her eternal love, or that she is the last of her kind. 

Eran Talor

Eran Talor is a guardian. His only ward is Magdalene Tanner. He is embroiled in the fight of all eternity but his sole dedication is in keeping Magdalene from harm. He has trained for centuries. He knows what is ahead, he knows the devastation their enemies can bring, and he is ready for it.


The Books

Prequel B

The Books
Inspiration Behind the Story

The Inspiration Behind the Story

When Joyce Durham passed away from colon cancer, the family was then faced with the very difficult task of learning how to deal with their loss.


Laury is good friend's with her daughter, Erika. Witnessing her struggle and that of the Durham family, Laury wished there was someone who could visit with those who had passed over to the other side and bring back messages to the living, reassuring them that all was fine with their loved one. And from it, Magdalene Tanner was born.

Laury went on to write FALLEN in just under two months, releasing it in March 2009.

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