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About the Residue Series

About the Residue Series

A secret society exists in New Orleans, and only those born into the right bloodlines are privy to it. Witches and voodoo practitioners work within their hidden world, perfecting their craft and honing their skills to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from harm. And the potential for true harm does exist. Their world is ruled by seven outsiders with unspeakable power - who dominate without mercy, control without limitation, and administer justice without conscience. No one has dared to stand against them...until now. Two teenagers will finally cross paths. And their love will be the catalyst that propels their world into complete annhiliation or long-sought freedom.

Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters

Partial picture of Jocelyn's face

Jocelyn Weatherford

Jocelyn has never been one to follow the rules. The headmistress at her preparatory academy where she grew up can attest to that. So when she is told she is a witch, one with a destiny that will forever alter this secret world in which she has now been thrust, she doesn't exactly embrace the concept or follow the unwritten rules of conduct. And when she meets Jameson Caldwell, a boy whose family has been feuding with hers for centuries, she unknowingly embraces a romance that sets their world on a collision course toward a corrupt oligarchy. As she learns just who she is, what she is capable of, and what her future holds, Jocelyn uses every bit of her rebellious nature and the mystical abilities she inherited to keep the love of her life alive and the innocent lives around her from being taken.

Partial picture of Jameson's face

Jameson Caldwell

Jameson is the middle child of five Caldwell siblings but shows a maturity and aptitude unparalleled from others. He defends the helpless, mediates emotions with logic, and isn't controlled by others' opinions. He is a political warrior who will redefine the structure of their world, though he has no knowledge of it until his fate is set in motion. The humbled life he has lived is about to change. After Jocelyn Weatherford walks into a small, obscure shop in the New Orleans French Quarter, their love begins. From then on, he must use both his political skills and fighting capabilities to protect her from their enemies and, all too often, from herself.

Inspiration Behind the Story

The Inspiration Behind the Story

Laury has been intrigued from the time she was a little girl with witches and - after visiting New Orleans - with voodoo magic. The story arc is largely about a girl finding her inner power, harnessing it, and not being afraid to use it. Jocelyn is the perfect channel, starting out sheltered and completely unaware of her heritage, knowing very little about herself in general (hence the first book's cover in which Jocelyn appears seemingly bewildered), and growing into a woman who demonstrates the bravery and aptitude to apply her power against devastating corruption, all in the name of love.

The Books
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