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Excerpt 2


I left my room and pushed open Eran’s door. He turned in the middle of the room and I was momentarily distracted. His windblown hair had been brushed now and his clothes were changed. Wearing a tight white T-shirt and blue jeans, he looked like a young James Dean, just as wild and unpredictable. 

I crossed the floor and lifted my arms around him, pulling myself into him. He welcomed me, the firmness of his body pressing against mine. 

I laid my head on his chest and breathed in his fresh, earthy scent. “How can I repay you for all you do for me?” 

“Repay me?” he asked bewildered. “Where is this coming from?” 

I shrugged against his body, having no answer for him.

Inhaling deeply, he laid his chin lightly on my head. “You feel guilty, but I’m not sure why. Everything I’ve done…ever…has been by my decision, by my judgment alone. Don’t take on the burden of my choices, Magdalene. They aren’t for you to resolve.” 

He pulled me away from him, grasping me by the shoulders and ducking to view my down-turned face.

“I regret nothing, Magdalene. Nothing. Because all of it…every decision I’ve made has led me to you and kept me with you…and that is all that matters to me.” He paused. “Please look up.”

I followed his request, slowly, and noticed he was just as handsome puzzled.

“I don’t think you’re taking into account what you’ve done for me…”

I frowned. “Run you ragged…test your resolve…leave you frustrated…”

“Yes, all those,” he said joking, his mouth tilting in a half-smile. “You give me life, Magdalene. Every moment I am with you I feel alive. Without you there is no color, no humor, absolutely no joy in existing. Life…is what you give me. Staying…is what you do for me.”

He groaned and pulled me towards him and before I knew it his lips were on mine. It was a hard, passionate kiss and the thrill of it drew me out of my daze. I leaned in, wanting more. Sensing this, his arms fell from my shoulders and slipped around my waist as his kiss deepened. 

After what seemed far too short of a time, he drew back and reviewed me as if I were a sculpture. “Yes, I believe that did the trick to shake you out of your mood…”

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